Golden Pothos - Click and Collect Only
Golden Pothos - Click and Collect Only

Golden Pothos - Click and Collect Only

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Golden Pothos - Epipremnum Aureum . This plant has such intricate variegation to it's leaves that they appear marbled, this mixture of greens and yellows can make the leaves appear Golden, hence it's more common name. 

Golden Pothos (Devil's Ivy) are a really easy care house plant and great for beginners! 

A fast growing trailing plant that does well in bright, indirect light - lots of indirect light ensures that the new leaves continue to grow through with the variegation. It can tolerate living in a shaded spot of your home, however, the new growth is likely to lose it's pattern and grow through plain green. 

The plant should be thoroughly watered so that it drains through the pot's drainage holes. It can be left to totally dry out before it is next watered. 

It is also very easy to propagate by stem cuttings. 

This plant will grow to be a trailing plant, but can be trained to grow up a moss pole.

12cm pot

Sourced by Sap Plants

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